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Fides Health?

Fides Health International is a global medical tourism organisation which promises the highest standards in the field of medical therapy in Turkey by combining the most efficent treatment modality and the cheapest cost options for the patients around the world. Fides Health is an assistant model medical tourism company with its professional, strong and experienced staff.

Why Fides Health?

There are over hundred special selected hospitals under the Fides Health’s roof. This hospital network is selected by Fides Health’s 10-year professional health team taking the patients’ point of view into account.

Your Assurance

Fides Health chooses the doctor and the hospital for the patients to take the most accurate and also the best service by having full knowledge of the illness process. Fides Health provides a pre-interview with the doctor chosen according to patient’s illness. It assures the most affordable price for the surgery and treatment in Turkey.

Your Comfort

We are aware of the difficulties of taking medical care in another country and foreign culture. For this reason we accompany our patients in order to make them feel like they are at their ‘‘home’’ and they are not alone at all in every stage of their treatment. We assure safe and stres-free medical travel with Fides Health.

Check Up
It is suggested to make people with no complaint and illness regularly go for a check-up -or in other words check over- at least once a year.
In several complaints such as general surgery, neurosurgery, cardiovascular surgery, bariatric surgery, aesthetic and plastic surgery…
From heart transplantation to kidney transplantation or even from bone marrow transplantation to corneal transplantation...
In Vitro Fertilization
It is the treatment which is administered in case of infertility also called fertility treatment.
Eye Diseases
Vision loss, difficulty in seeing and eye diseases due to other factors
The illness is a result of uncontrolled cell proliferation accompanied by impaired function of the organ or system. When viewed from this aspect, it varies in its diagnosis, treatment and proceeding.

Main Branches

We hold in high esteem our patients.

Fides Health provides complete medical and surgical services for both inpatients and outpatients at several available places For the other fields

Hospitals We Are in Agreement

  • Acibadem Hospital
    Acibadem Hospital

    Acıbadem Health Group whose first hospital was established in 1991 services with 21 hospitals and 16 medical centers with 3500 doctors, 4000 nurses, almost 22500 employees. Acıbadem Hospital services with health standards certified by JCI accreditation in Acıbadem Adana, Acıbadem Atakent, Acıbadem Maslak, Acıbadem Sistina, Acıbadem City Clinic Tokuda and Acıbadem City Clinic Umbal Eood with its technology and background. Acıbadem Health Group produces service ‘‘rotate 360 degrees’’ in all areas of health contrary to the others.
  • Afyon Kocatepe University Hospital
    Afyon Kocatepe University Hospital

    Afyon Kocatepe University  Research and Application Hospital started service with polyclinic service and day case surgeries on 10.18.1999. Today the Hospital servicing at Ali Çetinkaya Campus has totally 557 clinic beds, 66 intensive care beds and 15 operating theatres.
  • Bahceci Umut Test-Tube Baby Center
    Bahceci Umut Test-Tube Baby Center

    When Prof. Dr. Mustafa Bahçeci laid the foundations of Bahçeci Health Group 22 years ago, his only goal was to realize a  successful treatment which supports both physical and emotional process of the couples who cannot have babies. Today, we are a foundation which manages to make our dreams come true with the success of delivering over 45.000 healthy test-tube babies. By spreading our success beyond Turkey’s border, we service 7 countries and 13 centers with the same sense of quality and ethic value.
  • Dokuz Eylul University Hospital
    Dokuz Eylul University Hospital

    In this foundation which prioritizes security of patients and employees is presented advanced investigation and treatment opportunities with advanced technologic background. The buildings of Health Campus with 1150 bed capacity situated Adults’ Hospital and Children’s hospital are health complex where world-class treatment services are  provided. Dokuz Eylul University,which has taken its power from science and its education background for years, is Turkey’s honour with 40-year DEU faculty of medicine in international quality standards. Nearly 500 teaching staff, over 700 well-educated attending physicians and junior doctors, nearly 800 nurses and each of the personnels who are well-versed are keystone of this foundation.
  • Dunyagoz Hospital
    Dunyagoz Hospital

    Dunyagoz Hospital Group, which started service in 1996, services for prohibiting the problems in all the fields of eye and ocular health. In our country, Dunyagoz Hospital Group marking a new epoch gives service 25 different points in domestic and foreign  in total with its 8000 polyclinics and 1000 operations capacity for each day. Dunyagoz with its technology 200 medical employees including lecturers, attending physicians and almost 2500 staff became medical reference center.
  • Yeni Yuzyıl University Gaziosmanpasa Hospital
    Yeni Yuzyıl University Gaziosmanpasa Hospital

    It started to provide the service first in 1992. Hospital gives service with its 12 operating theatres, 350 bed capacity, a 150-men (?) conference room, central automation system, patient transport system and guesthouse for patient’s relatives coming from far. Hospital standardized its quality by taking ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certificate in 2007. In 2009, Yeni Yuzyıl University Gaziosmanpasa Hospital Service got the A class hospital degree consequence of evaluation made by Quality Standards in Health coordinated by Ministry of Health. Private Gaziosmanpasa Hospital turned into Yeni Yuzyil University Faculty of Medicine in 2017. It took accreditation certificate JCI which is the most famous and well-accepted by getting a successful audit on 3rd and 7th April, 2017.
  • Private Ankara Guven Hospital
    Private Ankara Guven Hospital

    Private Ankara Guven Hospital established with the goal of providing world-class service in 1973 continues to combine the necessities of the modern medicine and years’ experiences together. High quality service in every field makes the number and request of the patients more. The increasing request augments our responsibilities. The story starting as a little hospital in 1973 reaches general hospital concept with specialist physician, nurses and allied health personnel and in 40.000 square meters including 251 beds and 12 operating theatres. Honour of the point we have come directs us to work harder and raises the level of future targets. We keep going with the sense of the most important thing which is the confidence which our patients have.
  • Hospitaleste

    Hospitaleste which was organized by a team having success in the field of hair transplant at different points during 15 years is in service in Etiler. It has lots of representations with international quality standards in domestic and abroad. Our country is  more advanced than several countries about hair transplantation for this reason Turkey  is preferred by thousands of people. Hair Transplantation process in our hospital is unusual, that is, it is realized by expert staff with sterilization conditions with a safe way in operating theatre environment.
  • Private Huma Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital
    Private Huma Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital

    Huma Hospital was established as a first Women’s Health Center in Kayseri in March, 2004. Then It provided service as a first Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital in Anatolia in February, 2006. With its current business, it carries on the service of Gynecology and Obstetrics, General Surgery, Pediatrics, Test-tube baby, Radiology and Anaesthesiology and Reanimation.
  • Inonu University Turgut Ozal Medical Center
    Inonu University Turgut Ozal Medical Center

    TOTM(Turgut Ozal Medical Center) was planned as  twin buildings with USA Houston Methodist Hospital. By being laid in 1991, after 5 years it started to provide service. It is located on the land of 24.000 square meters. It's totally closed space is 154.500 square meters. There are 26 in the 16 storey building and 12 in the Liver Transplant Hospital, in total of 38 operating theatres, 250 in the main building and 36 in the Liver Transplant Hospital, in total of 286 intensive care beds, 1200 in the main building and 152 in the Liver Transplant Hospital, in total of 1352 bed capacity. Construction and furnishing of our Liver Transplant Hospital, which is the first and only, finished and started service.
  • Kent Health Group
    Kent Health Group

    Kent Hospital is located on the land of 30.000 square meters. Kent hospital with International JCI accreditation is conveniently designed and built national standards as well as Buildings of AIA (American Institute of Architects) Hospital Guide. Kent Hospital having almost 22.000 square meters closed space gives service in all the fields with its full-time physician. With the new building of Kent Oncology Center, total closed space of Kent Hospital will be 40.000 square meters. Kent Hospital took the first step with Kent Alsancak Medical Center to be Kent Health Group. Kent Alsancak Medical Center provides service as almost a ‘‘boutique hospital’’ with  the various fields such as polyclinics, labs, visualization, 2 operating theatres and rest rooms for before and after the operation, observation rooms in the center of Izmir, Alsancak Kıbrıs Sehitleri Avenue that is the most crowded street, with 3000 square meters closed space.
  • Lokman Hekim Hospital
    Lokman Hekim Hospital

    With the establishment of Engurusag Inc. in 1996, Lokman Hekim Hospitals started service since that day the hospital continues with 5 hospitals, 1 Medical Center, 1 Diagnosis Center equipped with last technological devices. When physical structure, number of patients and employee, etc. are considered, 4 of the hospitals situated in Ankara and rest of them situated in Van and also Diagnosis Center situated in Erbil are foremost and important health service presenters  
  • Medical Park Hospitals Group
    Medical Park Hospitals Group

    As a flagship of MLP Care Group which is Turkey’s most common health group, we provides service with 17 cities, 25 hospitals and 14.000 employees in Turkey. From 1993 the year of establishment to this day we have grown rapidly and we continue the leadership with over  551.912 square meters, 167 operating theatres and 4.100 bed capacity.
  • Medicana Health Group
    Medicana Health Group

    Medicana Health Group has maintained its progression of finding future health service standards since 1992. Today, it maintains high quality health service especially in İstanbul and Ankara and then Konya, Samsun, Sivas in every field of health with 11 hospitals and its almost 5000 employees. Medicana Health Group led health tourism and ranked among on the important centers list because of its multidisciplinary approach to patients coming from abroad. In order to provide sustainable service presentation, it set up service offices in important places around the world.
  • Medilife Health Group
    Medilife Health Group

    Medilife Bagcilar Hospital came into servis in April, 2014. It started service as a private hospital with 41 Adult Intensive Care beds, 32 incubators, 1 Krona(?) Intensive Care beds, 39 patient beds, in total of 113 beds. We continue to present advanced level medical diagnosis and treatment opportunities with our professional staff, patient-centered service concept, quality policy, operation theatres equipped with high technological devices, labs and modern background.
  • Memorial Health Group
    Memorial Health Group

    Memorial introducing Turkey to high quality health world-class service and also getting JCI Accreditation Quality Certificate first in Turkey and 21st in the world. Memorial is the address of confidence in health with its attending physician, medical personnel combining their knowledge and experiences, patient-centered service concept, quality policy, diagnosis and treatment units with advanced medical technology, modern places and comfortable patient rooms. Memorial having international fame with its branches such as test-tube baby, genetics, cardiovascular surgery, transplantation oncology, neurosurgery, orthopedics and traumatology  is  a reference point in the other fields such as surgical sciences, hearth health, women’s health, children’s health, robotic surgery, stroke, bone marrow transplantation. Memorial, leading to enhance health service standards by breaking grounds, represents Turkey with international diagnosis and treatment accomplished in foreign countries. Memorial accepting patients from 92 countries is a global hospital providing comfortable treatment for patients  every year increasing more in a safe place.
  • Private Nobel Medical Center
    Private Nobel Medical Center

    Nobel Medical Center is a foundation which is next to the forest and services in the garden of 5 Star Pam Thermal Hotel. Our new building was certified as A Type Medical Center by Ministry of Health and it is the first and only medical center in Turkey to combine Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation services with hot spring and also hydrotherapy rehabilitation techniques with advanced robotics technology. Thermal spring and mud next to the Medical Center were certified by Turkish Republic Ministry of Health. Our team giving service in the new building has provided service thousands of patients with physical medicine and rehabilitation health cure in Denizli since 2007 and also the team treating lots of statesmen is pretty experienced. Denizli Governorship, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Economy were encouraged about the project of turning into thermal cure center because of our foundation and staff located in Pamukkale.
  • NP Istanbul Brain Hospital
    NP Istanbul Brain Hospital

    We feel joyful about servicing our client by breaking grounds for 19 years in the fields of psychiatry, psychology, neurology and addiction. We take our multidisciplinary approach further. Thus, the journey beginning as a private hospital specialized neuropsychiatry continues with more extensive service and technological equipment . In addition to our former savings, it continues with  of brain-centered General Hospital and extra 10 branches. We started service in the new neighbor building with new clinics in order to present our sense of hospital management prioritizing our clients’ need and comfort in the way and condition which science predicts. As Brain Hospital, we provide service of diagnosis and treatment center with our technological background and expert staff.
  • Pamukkale University Faculty of Medicine Hospital
    Pamukkale University Faculty of Medicine Hospital

      Pamukkale University Research and Education Application Hospital started service in parallel with the terms of YOK law no.2457 in Doktorlar Avenue, Denizli on 08.12.1994 as Research and Education Application Hospital with its 41 beds and 155 staff beds in 7.293 square meters closed space. Cardiac Center having 2.730 square meters closed space in Kınıklı Campus started service on 19th May, 2002.
  • Private Ankara Umut Hospital
    Private Ankara Umut Hospital

    The most advanced research and diagnostic works are done in visualization and radiology units, hemodynamics-angiography unit, biochemistry-microbiology-hematology-serology labs with full of technological devices from 2016. All the time open or(kapalı) surgery is operated in its modern operation theatres There are the most advanced devices in full-equipped intensive care units. Treatment of patients needing life support in cardiovascular surgical intensive care units is made by expert team getting special training. Private Ankara Umut Hospital deserved taking various quality certifications as results of careful works which are in the direction of being pacesetter healthcare organization not only in Turkey but also in foreign countries.